$1,995.00 USD

The Facette solitaire is Delphine's “no-diamond diamond ring”.

She sculpted it by hand over a decade ago, already bothered by the often shady ethics of mining diamonds and precious gems. 

Cast in solid recycled gold, with a comfortable heft, it feels as solid as your love and commitment, and ready to bear the marks of all the adventures you’ll take it on. 

A great statement on its own, it sure plays well with other and adds shine to any stack. 

Meant to be fully lived and loved in, by this generation and the next ones, it is crafted in NYC as a cherished heirloom for you and yours

The solid gold gem measures 3/8" at its widest.

Additional sizes and finishes available upon request.

Designed & crafted to order in NYC's Jewelry District.

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