Let's Zoom!

Delphine really enjoyed meeting with each and everyone of you who visited  her Soho retail store, Atelier Alchemy.

While the location is now closed, she wants to translate the store experience she'd so enjoyed to the digital world, and help facilitate connecting with you remotely. She's created a cosy boutique setting where we can be comfortable to chat and play with jewels together, much like you could experience in person at the store.

So come on in, we're virtually open!


What happens on a Zoom call?

It'll really depends on what you are looking for. We're happy to chat about pretty much anything jewelry. 

We could show you ring stacking options, or suggest earrings and studs for the perfect curated ear look. Perhaps help you plan your charm story to make it as unique as your are, or add to the many layers of your protective talismans. See how to modify jewels you own and no longer wear. Maybe discuss metaphysical properties of gems, and what makes them so enjoyably beautiful. We're pretty open to suggestions and sparkly conversations.

Want a jewel truly as unique as you, or they, are? Then let's dream up your next custom piece together.

Or we can simply talk over coffee / wine / {insert favorite libation here} to catch up, and help you define your jewelry dream wish list. You'll let us know what you are looking for in a few words, and we'll take it from there. 

It'll be fun, and Delphine truly loves connecting with you this way. 


How do I get started?

You can set up an appointment with Delphine below and we will send you a Zoom meeting ID link. Zoom is a free and easy to use video conferencing app that works on phones, tablets and computers, if you're not familiar with it. Happy to help you get set-up on Zoom if needed.

All appointments are made in EDT, as we are based in NYC. 

A bientot!