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Our Process & Values

I care, deeply, about being as mindful and respectful as possible of our environment.

I strive for transparency in our studio & business practices and traceability in our supply chain, and partner with like-minded professionals & artisans in our industry.

I personally hand carve the original designs in my Jersey City studio, then casts the pieces with a reputable caster in Manhattan's jewelry district, where the pieces are then assembled, stone-set and polished by hand by myself and my local team of skilled craftsmen & artisans.

I use recycled 18k gold & silver in our designs whenever possible, and reuse scraps as often as we can, or recycle them if we can't use them. Currently, we are not yet able to source recycled chains for our designs, but are working on a solution.

Our diamonds are GIA and Kimberly Process certified, oftentimes post-consumer certified. I strive to source the precious gems used in the collection responsibly sourced - and it's often a challenge.

I do my best to respect and minimize the impact my work has on the magnificent earth that has given us such beauty to work with. Without nature's gold and precious gems, I wouldn't be able to create jewelry you can cherish for generations.

I want to believe that mindful luxury is possible, and aim to create sparkly sculptures that can adorn your body and elevate your soul.