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Yellow Gold Karat:

Introducing the BOHEME CONFETTI LUNE NOIRE, Delphine's Moon Phase Necklace with Onyx inlay, a wonderfully grounding gem.

Say "I love you to the moon and back" with our Confetti Lune necklace.

A multilayered celestial symbol of love, dreams and hopes, the moon — La Lune in Delphine's native French,  also represents our shadow self and our unconscious.

As a ruler of tides, it is essential to life on earth.

Its cycle helps us focus on our intentions, plant their seeds, sustain their growth, and reflect & repeat.

Its mystery and mystique have inspired countless artists throughout the ages, including Delphine, who dreamed up this poetic, unique moon phase sequence chain to envelop you in the magic of moonlight.

Cherish the many phases of you for they all reflect your many facets.

Just like the moon, we go through many cycles, the sum of which makes who we truly are. La Lune mirrors the strength of the sun, reflecting its light on us in a gentler glow. It helps us navigate our own unique journey through the complex terrain of life, softly illuminating its peaks and lows and accompanying us through the ebb and flow.

A great statement on its own, this Boheme Confetti Lune Noire chain is crafted out of 14 karat yellow gold 8 mm solid disc links with black Onyx inlays assembled into a chain that is substantial and beautifully sparkly, as the flat gold dots catch the light with your every move, enhancing your glow. 

The chain closes with a lobster clasp. Upon request at checkout, it can also be modified as an open chain with 2 end loops to accommodate our Boheme Clicker Charm Holders

The center phase of the chain will be the solid gold disc representing the New Moon unless you specify otherwise.

Designed in New York City by Delphine Leymarie and crafted to order exclusively for us in Italy.

Available and ready to ship in 14k yellow gold and 18” length.