$425.00 USD

Available and ready to ship in 18k recycled yellow gold.

Add a bit of magic to your life with the tiny but powerful Boheme Turquoise Bubble charm.

Hand carved, then cast in solid recycled 18k gold, the Boheme Bubble charm is as light and playful as champagne bubbles for your hand.

Its center is a 4mm turquoise cabochon, a protective gem that always transports Delphine to a happy, carefree, grounding day on the beach, salty air on lips, heart syncing with the waves kissing the shore. The center gem is flanked by 2 green tsavorite garnets, vibrant stones the color of palm trees, known to encourage love and prosperity. 

The solid gold bead texture is inspired by grains of sand, the dance of seafoam bubbles on the shore, but also the geometric texture of sea urchin skeletons found in many a walk by the shore, and the tufts pattern of the prickly pear cacti common around the Mediterranean where Delphine grew up.

A bit rough, but still precious. Her idea of everyday luxe: jewels well lived in and showing the many adventures you’ve taken with them. And better yet, reminding you of the many more to come.  

Slide it on your favorite chain, pick from one of our many options, or dangle it playfully from your earlobe with our charm holding hoops.
This charm is 5mm wide and hangs from a 5mm hoop. 

Designed and crafted in NYC, ready to ship.  


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