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Sale price$995.00 USD
Fine Metal:

A powerful talisman, the Boheme Lotus charm was hand carved by Delphine, cast in glowing recycled 18k gold, then handset in a colorful array of high domed cabochons.

Why a lotus? A lotus takes root in the mud, perseveres and rises all the way to the surface to share its beauty with us. It submerges every night back into the water and re-blooms the next morning, sparklingly clean, making this flower a beautiful symbol of hope, rebirth and transformation to wear around your neck.

The Lotus charm features two stylized petals forming the bezel hugging the gem, a symbol traditionally used for the Third eye chakra, the center of your intuition, encouraging you to tune into the quiet whisper of your inner wisdom.

Its rounded back mirrors the shape of the high dome cabochon gem set into it, forming an egg-like pebble shape that is very soothing to the touch, much like a treasured worry stone.

Delphine hand selected a rainbow mix of gemstones, choosing them for their quality, vibrancy, and energetic properties: 

Red: Garnet - January Birthstone

Orange: Citrine  - November Birthstone

Yellow:  Rutilated Quartz

Green: Malachite / emerald 

Light Blue opaque: Turquoise - December Birthstone

Light Blue translucent: Blue topaz - November Birthstone 

Deep Blue: Lapis Lazuli

Purple: Amethyst - February Birthstone

Pink: Rhodolite garnet - January Birthstone

White: Moonstone - June Birthstone

Rainbow: Ethiopian Opal - October Birthstone

12mm high and 10 wide, this beauty is hanging on a 5mm hoop. Cast in 18k yellow recycled gold, it is polished to a high shine. Contact us if you're interested in a different gold color for this charm.

Assorted chains and Small Boheme Clicker sold separately.

Designed and crafted to order in NYC. Allow for 10 to 15 business days prior to shipping.

For jewels available to ship right away, please check the READY TO SHIP section of the site.


BOHEME LOTUS CHARM Sale price$995.00 USD