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2023 NYCJW Reciprocity Exhibition Press Release


RECIPROCITY: Celebrating Responsible Jewelry Production and a Traceable Gold and Gems Supply Chain.

An exhibition during New York City Jewelry Week showcasing work by 13 International designers created with a network of Peruvian female artisanal mercury-free gold miners and fully-traceable West African gems.

To provide and celebrate a vision for a responsible, traceable gold and gemstone supply chain that reciprocally benefits all, from source to customer.


Admittance to the exhibition is exclusively for those who have RSVP'd. To secure your spot, kindly register through the NYCJW website by following this link:


New York, New York, October 31, 2023 – The highly anticipated Reciprocity Exhibition returns to New York City for its second edition during New York City Jewelry Week. This unique event, taking place from Wednesday, November 15th to Friday, November 17th, 2023, at the Consulate General of Peru in New York, is set to showcase the work of 13 international designers who have collaborated with a network of Peruvian female artisanal gold miners and African gem miners. The initiative is aimed at promoting the possibilities of responsible and traceable supply chains while celebrating the reciprocal benefits for all stakeholders involved.


The participating jewelry designers living in the United States, Europe, and Peru, have joined forces with a network of female artisanal miners working at the forefront of the movement toward mercury-free gold mining and sustainable reforestation practices in Madre de Dios, Peru, with the support of non-profit organization Pure Earth.

For this year’s second edition, the designers have added a new layer of traceability and reciprocal collaboration to the project by partnering with Anza Gems, a company founded by Monica Stephenson, the immediate past president of Ethical Metalsmiths. Anza Gems generously donated fully traceable, responsibly sourced colored gemstones that give back to artisanal mining communities in Tanzania and Kenya for the Reciprocity designers to incorporate in their jewelry designs.

20% of the net proceeds of the jewelry pieces exhibited and sold at Reciprocity during and after NYCJW will be donated to Pure Earth, in order to allow them to continue and expand their support of responsible artisanal miners. Their work is crucial to ensure artisanal miners have the knowledge and material assistance needed to prioritize working without toxic chemicals that harm the environment and human health in the region and beyond, as well as making reforestation work possible.

The new jewelry pieces that will be showcased during the Reciprocity Exhibition are exclusively created with responsibly sourced gold, silver and gemstones. In addition, one piece from each designer will be sold with the accompaniment of an NFT, offering a digital certificate of authenticity and providing detailed information about the materials' origin and the individuals involved. The use of blockchain technology ensures unprecedented levels of traceability in the jewelry industry, from miner to finished jewel. Names of the miners, casters, designers and goldsmiths involved in the transformation of the precious metals into the final jewels on display will be listed on these NFTs and for all pieces.

The exhibition also serves as an educational platform, shedding light on the techniques employed by miners for gold extraction in the Peruvian Amazon without the use of toxic mercury and their reforestation efforts in reclaimed mining areas. Attendees will be presented with a vision of a more sustainable and responsible future for the jewelry industry, benefiting miners, designers, customers, and the environment alike.

The Jewelry designers whose creations will be on display include the Reciprocity Founding Designers Amulet by D, Andrea Jose, Barbosa, Dana Bronfman, Delphine Leymarie, Iza by Silvia D’Avila, Kathryn the Younger, and the 2023 Reciprocity Guest Designers Christina Malle, COCOEROW, Estudio Alba, Inesa Kovalova, M4t3ri4, and Susan Wheeler Designs.

Casa Collab, a B Corp based in Peru, under the leadership of Peruvian jeweler Andrea Jose, sourced and transformed the responsible gold into castings, sheets, wires, and other forms in order to allow the designers to create their work for this event.

"The idea of reciprocity, in the context of this exhibition, is pivotal to the way that we, as designers, approach our practices. Reciprocity is the basis for partnerships and friendship, the core of truthful connections that make our society alive. The purpose is the mutual benefit of all participants in the collaborative process of jewelry making - from mine to finished product," explains Andrea Jose, emphasizing the collaborative essence of the project.

For opening day on Wednesday, November 15th, two panels of experts will be held, followed by a Pisco Reception, offering the signature cocktail of Peru.

The first, at 3:00 pm, “Jewelry with Purpose: Aligning the Sparkle with Sustainable Development” will be a collaboration between the Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference and the UN Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network (UNCFLN), moderated by NYCJW co-founder JB Jones.


At 4:30 pm, “Responsible Artisanal Mining of Gold and Gemstones: A Way Forward”, will offer a discussion between Reciprocity, Anza Gems, and Pure Earth, moderated by Social Impact & Sustainability Leader Rebecca Villalobos. Additionally, PromPerú in New York will deliver a special presentation highlighting sustainable production practices in Peru.

All are welcome to attend the Pisco Reception and the exhibition as long as they rsvp through the NYCJW website here:


Editor’s Note: High-resolution photos are available, and interviews with participating jewelers, Pure Earth representatives, and miners, can be arranged upon request. Contact Inesa Kovalova at or Kathryn Kelly at for more information.

Event Details:

What: This year marks the second edition of the Reciprocity Exhibition, reinforcing the belief that international collaboration and transparency are the way forward for the jewelry industry. Reciprocity aims to encourage the industry and consumers to consider the environmental and social impact equally in their Purchases.

Who: Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to engage with the designers, who will be present to share their inspirations and experiences collaborating with mercury-free miners from the Peruvian Amazon.

The event will also provide in-depth insights into the mining process and its potential implications for the jewelry industry beyond the exhibition.

Where: Consulate General of Peru in New York, 241 E 49th St, New York, NY 10017.

When: Exhibition: November 15th, 16th, 17th, 2023, 2:00 pm - 8:00 pm Opening Day Panels & Reception: November 15

- 3:00 pm: “Jewelry with Purpose: Aligning the Sparkle with Sustainable Development” , a panel discussion hosted by Reciprocity with the Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference and the UN Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network (UNCFLN), moderated by NYCJW co-founder JB Jones.

- 4:30 pm: "Responsible Artisanal Mining of Gold and Gemstones: A Way Forward", a panel discussion with Reciprocity, Anza Gems, and Pure Earth, moderated by Social Impact & Sustainability Leader Rebecca Villalobos, with a special presentation by PromPerú in New York highlighting sustainable production practices in Peru.

- 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm: Pisco Reception

Why: Reciprocity is a collaborative project that underscores the importance of mutual benefit in the jewelry industry. By bringing together miners, jewelers, and designers, Reciprocity aims to promote responsible and transparent practices while celebrating the reciprocal advantages of these partnerships. This initiative is dedicated to redefining the jewelry industry’s supply chain for a more sustainable future.


For media inquiries, please contact:

Inesa Kovalova at or Kathryn Kelly at

NYCJW Event listing and Events RSVP links:

Thank you to our partners and sponsors:

Consulate General of Peru in New York

PromPerú in New York

Pure Earth

Pure Earth is a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to saving and improving lives and protecting the planet by reducing disease-causing pollution and cleaning up toxic hot spots in low- and middle-income countries. Since its inception in 1999, Pure Earth and its field teams have completed more than 120 projects in 27 countries using best-in-class science, analytics, and engineering practices to identify toxic hot spots and teach communities how to improve soil, water, and air quality with pragmatic, cost-effective solutions.

Pollution is the largest environmental cause of death and disease in the world, stealing 9 million lives each year, and disabling hundreds of millions of children. Pure Earth prioritizes actions that protect the developing brains and bodies of children and pregnant women living in toxic hot spots with a specific emphasis on lead and mercury exposure. Partnering with governments, communities, and industry leaders, Pure Earth aims to elevate pollution as a global priority, create sustainable change, and support a healthier future.

Pure Earth is the organization working with the Peruvian miners to achieve mercury-free techniques and reforest their concessions.


Purchasing ANZA Gems means making a difference and giving back to East African mining communities.

ANZA supports artisans at every level, beginning with purchasing directly in-country in Tanzania and Kenya, then using US and Kenyan artisanal cutters–a number of them women–to facet the gems into one-of-a kind creations. At least 10% of all purchases directly benefit education, vocational training, community development and other initiatives supporting miners where they need it most through the nonprofit Gem Legacy. For all ANZA Gems, they can tell you the country of origin, the broker they purchased from, the cutter and where it was cut.