W I S H L I S T  A S S I S T A N C E

Do you have your heart set aflutter by a few specific pieces from Delphine's collection, and wish to drop some pointed hints about your dream jewels?

We are always happy to assist you if you'd like.

Simply email info@delphineleymarie.com letting us know which Delphine Leymarie piece(s) you have your eyes on.

Please make sure to include:

• website link(s)

• Instagram posts link(s) and/or pictures - and don't be shy, people like options!  

And of course, let us know of:

• the name

• the email of the lucky person you’d like us to drop a hint to on your behalf.

 Add more details as you see fit, we’ll take it from there.

My hint: click HERE or on the email address listed above to get started, and a template email will be created for you to populate.

Happy hinting!