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Wishlist Assistance

W I S H L I S T  A S S I S T A N C E

Do you have your heart set aflutter by a few specific pieces from Delphine's collection, and wish to drop some pointed hints about your dream jewels?

We are always happy to assist you if you'd like.

Simply email letting us know which Delphine Leymarie piece(s) you have your eyes on.

Please make sure to include:

• website link(s)

• Instagram posts link(s) and/or pictures - and don't be shy, people like options!  

And of course, let us know of:

• the name

• the email of the lucky person you’d like us to drop a hint to on your behalf.

 Add more details as you see fit, we’ll take it from there.

My hint: click HERE or on the email address listed above to get started, and a template email will be created for you to populate.

Happy hinting!