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T H E   B O H E M E  T A H I T I A N   P E A R L
O C T O P U S   N E C K L A C E

In the Pure Earth Pure Gold Auction



I am happy to unveil the charity piece I created for the
 2022 Pure Earth Pure Gold Auction 
featuring beautiful, unique pieces of jewelry donated by 30 designers using responsibly-sourced materials and supporting Pure Earth's work with artisanal and small-scale gold miners around the world to prevent mercury pollution and restore degraded Amazon Rainforest.


For the occasion, I have designed a one-of-a-kind Boheme Tahitian Pearl Octopus necklace that I sculpted then cast in the heart of Manhattan's Jewelry District using 18k yellow Fairmined Harmony gold donated by Hoover & Strong, with casting services generously provided by Carrera Casting.


T H I S   O C T O P U S   I S  O N E - O F - A - K I N D

The Octopus is my latest precious amulet, a symbol of intelligence, resourcefulness, adaptability, inner wisdom, intuition and healing.


The Octopus' 8 arms lovingly hug a 12mm dark gray Tahitian Pearl, a gemstone known for its calming and centering properties, with a gentle glow akin to luminous water energy.  


I selected this particular pearl for its luster and gorgeous baroque shape, making this charm one-of-a-kind and as unique as you are.


Pearls are also the birthstone for the month of June.

The charm is 30mm long, and hangs on a 20" long robust cable chain in silver, oxidized to better contrast with the yellow gold and to echo the color of the pearl.



The Pure Earth Pure Gold Jewelry Auction closes Oct 17.



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A bientôt!
With 18 karat love from NYC,

P U R E   E A R T H ' S   M I S S I O N 
in their own words

Pure Earth saves and improves lives, particularly lives of children in poor communities, by reducing disease-causing pollution.

We identify toxic hotspots and teach communities how to improve soil, water and air quality with cost-effective solutions. This field work, combined with our groundbreaking research and advocacy, elevates pollution as a global priority.

Reduce Pollution. Save Lives. Protect The Planet.




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