P R O L O N G I N G   
T H E   M A G I C  O F  S U M M E R 

with South-of-France inspired jewels



I am back from my summer break in the South of France, where I enjoyed many a blissful beach days with loved ones, relaxing on the beloved plage where I grew up. 



I feel recharged and inspired anew, and the studio is back to regular operations, as are online appointments.



My favorite trick to prolong the magic of summer?
Wearing my summer-hued luxe jewels year-round, piling on layers of lusciously sunny 18k recycled yellow gold jewels paired with gems in sea shades of turquoise and lapis lazuli, with a hint of oleander pink, purple lavender and emerald pines trees.







A N D   H A P P Y   N E W   M O O N  I N  V I R G O


I love you

T O   T H E   L U N E   &   B A C K







Celebrate and cherish the many phases of YOU
for they all reflect your many facets






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Sending love, today and every day!


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