$575.00 USD
Cast an inspired and knowing gaze wherever you go when wearing our Diamond Third Eye stud, L'oeil Blanc.


A symbol of our ability to see what might be, it encourages us to listen to our inner voice and intuitively find the potential around us. And this all-seeing stud has no qualms serving as evil eye protection should you need it.

The diamond gives lifelike movement to this golden beauty as it winks from your ear. Hand-carved then cast in 18k recycled gold, with a 3mm diamond (.12ct) this stud is 10mm high and 15mm wide, and hangs on a 5mm hoop. 

Available in recycled 18k rose gold, and any other hue of gold upon request. Designed and crafted to order in NYC.  

Sold individually, as a single earring, please order two if you want a full pair.

Contact us to customize the center gem. Custom order currently require 2 to 3 weeks.

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