$960.00 USD

A powerful and ancient symbol, this colorful Boheme Ankh charm was sculpted by hand by Delphine then cast in solid recycled 18k gold.

The Ankh, also often called the Key of Life, is an Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic symbol meaning the word life, literally, and depicted in art as both the breath of life at birth, and the key to eternal life beyond death.

By extension, It represents the full cycle of life, the air & water elements that sustain it, and fertility, prosperity & goof luck, making it a great talisman to add to your charm story.

Delphine applied a satin finish to this piece, as if it'd been gently smoothed by time, a timeless heirloom passed thru the loving hands of generations.

Contact us if you'd like to customize the color of the gold, and/or pick your own color palette to add gems.

Designed and hand crafted in NYC.

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