$1,375.00 USD
Delightfully tropical and a bit prehistoric looking, Monstera leaves have always been a favorite greenery of Delphine, so she had to hand carve one for her collection.

This beautiful plant's rapid growth is a symbol of longevity, prosperity and growth, making it a great talisman to add to your charm story. 

Hand-carved then cast in 18k recycled gold, the Boheme Grande Monstera  charm is 26mm high and 22mm wide, and hangs on a 5mm hoop.  The smaller version, the Boheme Petite Monstera Leaf charm, is available HERE

Contact us to add a gold beaded or pavé center stem and make this charm as unique as you are.

Available in recycled 18k rose gold, and any other hue of gold upon request. Designed and crafted to order in NYC.  


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