$995.00 USD

A powerful and universal symbol, this solid gold Boheme Hamsa charm was hand carved by Delphine then cast in recycled 18k gold.

Across cultures and continents, the Hamsa represents protection against the evil eye, but also hope & good luck from its 5 fingers kept together, and the hand pointing downwards signifies blessings.

Delphine hand selected a trail of green and blue gems for their vibrancy and properties. Tsavorite garnets are set down the center of the hand to encourage welcoming prosperity & love, around a turquoise cabochon center for protection & healing, and with navy blue sapphires in the thumbs to help you speak your truth.

A high shine finish was applied to this piece, ready be gently smoothed by its wearers, a timeless heirloom passed thru generations.

20mm high, this beauty is hanging on a 5mm hoop.

Designed and crafted in NYC, ready to ship as shown.

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