$1,650.00 USD

Meet the Boheme La Pieuvre Octopus charm, Delphine’s latest talisman. 

The octopus symbolizes intelligence, resourcefulness, adaptability, inner wisdom, intuition and healing. 

5% of sales proceeds of this jewel will be donated to Big Blue & You,  a non-profit dedicated to inspiring and educating youth about ocean conservation through arts, science and media.

Hand carved by Delphine then cast in 18k recycled gold, it sits atop a 12mm vintage turquoise bead.

Its 8 arms lovingly hug this gorgeous blue gem the color of soothing tropical seas, a stone used since antiquity for protection and healing, across many continents and

The bottom of the bead holds a gold bezel set with an inverted green Tsavorite garnet, a gem whose vibrant green helps you better channel love as it syncs with your heart chakra. 

A reminder that turquoise is a porous gem, and that it is best to keep it away from liquids and perfumes that could damage it. 

Designed and crafted in NYC, limited quantities available for immediate shipping. 

To customize it and made-to-order pieces, check HERE


B I G   B L U E   &  Y O U  in their own words:

Big Blue & You is the only ocean conservation nonprofit to be founded and run by African American women and is a passionate proponent of intersectional environmentalism and decolonizing the natural world. For the past 13 years, the organization has supported emerging conservationists — especially young women of color — and connected young leaders with STEAM resources to help them become ocean advocates. We believe that equitable access to outdoor spaces is critical to engaging BIPOC communities and that people must experience what they are asked to protect.

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