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A Leo herself, Delphine dreamed up the Boheme Petit Lion charm as a smaller version, a cub to her original Boheme Grand Lion

She envisioned a scaled down yet powerful creature peacefully gazing into the distance, both watchful and meditative, its lush and wild mane swaying in the breeze slightly off the medallion frame. 

Delphine hand sculpted the majestic cat in one setting at her jeweler's bench and crafted it out of solid 18k gold, always recycled, so you can feel the comforting heft of Le Lion standing guard over you as it swings on the chain around your neck. 

A fierce protector of its family, the lion is a symbol of strength, courage, fearlessness and inner wisdom.

In astrology, it embodies Leo, and the strong energy of the sun, the ruling celestial body for this sign. In tarot, it graces the strength card, and is an auspicious sign of inner power and our ability of overcome anything thrown our way.

Capable of much feared wrath when necessary, this powerful and empowering archetype revered since ancient times and across cultures is a mighty talisman to add to your charm story. As always with Delphine's jewels, she encourages you to take the meaning that resonates with you and leave the rest.

This jewel was hand crafted in the heart of Manhattan's jewelry district. The roughness of the background gold texture is intentional, a nice contrast to the smooth shine of the lion, giving the piece the well-weathered look of a found treasure.


The charm is about 20/21mm wide/high, and it hangs on a 5mm hoop. It is about the size of a ¢5 coin, and slightly smaller than €1 coin. 


The Triangle Clicker and Boheme Onyx Chain the Petit Lion hangs from on the second picture are sold separately. 


Includes complimentary custom engraving on the back, just write a note at checkout or email us at to discuss.

Designed and crafted to order in NYC.  Allow up 2 weeks prior to delivery. If you need it rushed, reach out and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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