$1,125.00 USD

An empowering symbol of transformation and reinvention, Delphine hand carved the Boheme Serpent, snake in her native French, then cast it in solid recycled 18k yellow gold.

Worn as a necklace, it is fiercely protecting the chakra it is resting on, be it your throat, heart or solar plexus, and represents your kundalini rising towards enlightenment.

Delphine hand selected a rainbow mix of gemstones, choosing them for their quality, vibrancy, and energetic properties, and the story they tell together.

The heads is adorned by a gradient of pink sapphires for love & respect for oneself beautifully blending into orange sapphires to stock our creative and passionate fire, followed by the vibrant green of tsavorite garnets to encourage love and empathy towards others, then by a deep blue sapphire to help us speak our truth, all guided by intuition & inner wisdom with purple amethyst.

Select "Custom gems" HERE to choose your own color palette instead and create a jewel as unique as you are, made to order just for you.

The snake is 18mm high and 15mm wide, and is hanging on a 5mm hoop.

Designed and crafted in NYC, ready to ship as shown.

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