$575.00 USD
Delphine hand carved the Boheme Sapphire Petite Monstera Leaf, loving how this beautifully tropical plant's rapid growth symbolizes longevity, prosperity and growth, making it a great talisman to add to your charm story.

An update on the solid gold Boheme Petite Monstera Leaf Charm, this high shine jewel with a center stem of sapphires adds subtle sparkle and color to your every moves.
Delphine hand picked the gems for their beauty, vibrancy and energetic properties. She crafted this amulet with orange and pick sapphires to help it stoke your creative fire and encourage a giving heart, welcoming more love in your life.

Hand-carved then cast in 18k recycled gold, this charm is 12mm high and 10mm wide and hangs on a 5mm hoop.

For a customized color palette and gem story, go HERE and choose the "custom gems" option from the drop down menu, and Delphine will work with you to help you select gems as unique as you are.

Available and ready to ship in recycled 18k yellow gold.

Designed and crafted in NYC. 

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