$1,850.00 USD

The perfect companion to our Boheme Clickers, the Boheme Turquoise Coin Open chain is crafted out of chubby Sleeping Beauty turquoise beads in a sky blue soothing shade hand-strung on a contrasting purple silk thread.

The turquoise comes from a now closed mine in Arizona and is a one-of-a-kind strand.

Turquoise is a wonderful gem to wear at the base of your neck as its color and frequency syncs with your throat chakra, helping you better speak your truth. The color of warm tropical seas, turquoise has long be worn for its protective and healing properties. 

The coin beads are 6mm thick and 10mm wide, making this strand quite a statement. It is 15" long, and meant to be worn as a short choker style once you add a Boheme Clicker as the clasp, with or without charms. 

Designed and hand beaded in NYC, ready to ship in 15" length.

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