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Article: The Boheme Lotus Ring included in the Pure Earth Auction

The Boheme Lotus Ring included in the Pure Earth Auction

The Boheme Lotus Ring included in the Pure Earth Auction

The Pure Earth Pure Gold Jewelry Auction is now open for bidding!

I am proud and honored to have been included in the upcoming Pure Earth auction featuring beautiful, unique pieces of jewelry donated by likeminded designers passionate about using responsibly-sourced materials and supporting Pure Earth's work. 

For the occasion, i have designed and crafted a one-of-a-kind Boheme Lotus ring that I hand carved then cast it in 18k yellow Fairmined Harmony gold partly donated by Hoover & Strong.

The ring features a reclaimed high dome turquoise cabochon as its center. The bezel hugging the turquoise is formed of 2 stylized lotus petals, a symbol traditionally used for the Third eye chakra, the center of your intuition, encouraging you to tune into the quiet whisper of your inner wisdom. The center gem is accented by amethyst and pink sapphires on the sides of the curvy dome, set on raised gold beads, in a colorful contrast to the cool blue center.

Why a lotus? A lotus takes root in the mud, perseveres and rises all the way to the surface to share its beauty with us. It submerges every night back into the water and re-blooms the next morning, sparklingly clean, making this flower a beautiful symbol of hope, rebirth and transformation — all that I wish to see more of in terms of jewelry industry practices going forward.

Join us, along with actor/writer/producer Chazz Palminteri at the Pure Earth Benefit Bash on Oct 4, which will feature performances by Broadway star Bobby Conte! Click HERE to reserve your tickets to come in person or online.

The auction will conclude at the benefit.

Bid now to own a piece of jewelry that can change lives. See you at the benefit.


Thanks to actors Kathrine Narducci and Gianna Palminteri, comedian Tara Cannistraci, and Broadway dancer Brittany Conigatti for coming together to showcase the collection.

On Brittany Conigatti: necklace by Dana Bronfman, earrings by Futura, rings by Plume, Tejen and Delphine Leymarie. Photo: The Commercial Art Lab



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We identify toxic hotspots and teach communities how to improve soil, water and air quality with cost-effective solutions. This field work, combined with our groundbreaking research and advocacy, elevates pollution as a global priority.

Reduce Pollution. Save Lives. Protect The Planet.

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