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B O N J O U R,  h o w  A r e  Y o u ?

It’s been a while. I hope you and yours are safe and healthy. A lot has changed.

Here are a few updates on what I've been working on:

A  S A F E  B U T  S L O W E R 
N Y C  S T U D I O

I have streamlined our production process to accommodate working amid a pandemic, still in the (mostly re-opened) NYC Jewelry District, of course. Carving, crafting and shipping my jewels for and to you can take a bit longer at the moment, up to 4 weeks for some pieces.


H O L I D A Y  W I S H L I S T

I recommend you plan ahead for your holiday wishlist hint drops. Better yet, I am happy to assist you if you'd like.

Simply email  to let us know which Delphine Leymarie piece(s) you have your eyes on.

Please make sure to include website link(s), Instagram posts link(s) and/or pictures - and don't be shy, people like options! 

And of course, give us the name and email of the lucky person you’d like us to drop a hint to on your behalf. Add more details as you see fit, we’ll take it from there.


H O L I D A Y  D E A D L I N E  F O R  C U S T O M  W O R K

If you'd like to treat yourself or a loved one to a custom piece this holiday season, the last day I can safely accept custom orders will be 11/15 for a guaranteed delivery for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or under your xmas tree.

And as always, if you need something rushed, do reach out, as I am always happy to accommodate whenever possible!

With love from NYC, 



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Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season and a bright, happy, sparkly 2020! It's been another amazing year, and I want to say MERCI BEAUCOUP for your patronage and for allowing me to follow my dreams of creating jewels as unique as you are! Continue reading

A Charming Summer Celebration

A Charming Summer Celebration
Welcome to our Charming Summer Celebration!

My favorite season is summer, and you've helped make it truly fantastic!

I want to thank you for your support and celebrate you
by giving you a free 18k recycled gold charm 
with your purchase of 2 gold Boheme Clickers or any 2 gold charms.

That's right, we want to help you build your charm story!

Choose between the 

a $275 value free for you!

Both are shown dancing above from our newly redesigned Boheme Clicker,
now opening towards the inside of the charm holders for additional safety.

Simply shop for your combination of charms and clickers, add the free 18k recycled gold charm of your choosing to your cart and use the following codes at checkout:


Valid thru the Autumn solstice on 9/22/18


Contact us with any questions, we love to hear from you!
A bientôt!

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Merci beaucoup, Joyeuses Fêtes et Bonne Année 2018!

Merci beaucoup, Joyeuses Fêtes et Bonne Année 2018!

Mes chéris,

As 2017 is coming to a close, and some well deserved time-off is on the horizon, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on the past year. It's been an eventful one for sure,  filled with many challenges but also opportunities for change and growth, both personally and for my sparkly labor of love.

Because designing and crafting jewelry truly is both labor and love. And I need to give some love back in the form of special thanks to some of my favorite people, without whose support I may not be able to keep pursuing this shiny dream of mine.

Warning: If you don't like feelings, stop reading now, I am about to get a bit sappy.

To my customers, MERCI BEAUCOUP! You are the reason I love sitting at my bench to come up with new jewels. I am grateful, and frankly, quite flattered, that you would purchase and gift and cherish these pieces I dream-up using recycled gold and colorful ethical gems, curtesy of Mother Earth. You make me feel understood as a designer, and help cast away any thought that leaving the dull world of corporate of finance for the brilliant one of jewelry was a folly. And if it was indeed a folly, well, thank you for coming along for the ride and making it more fun!

To my family in France, thank you for always believing in me, not matter what choices I make, and for allowing me to find my way, on my own terms but always with your guidance. Maman, papa, Lio & family, je vous aime tous très fort.

To Beth Anne Bonanno, thank you beyond words for taking me under your wing and welcoming me into your incubator within The EAB Project. I have learned so much, and worked hard with you to improve upon my designs, while taking the brand back to its core values and beyond, thanks to your creative vision. But above all this, I cherish your friendship and always on-point, badass advice! Love you! Unicorns are real, because you are one of them...

And I can't mention the rebranding without thanking Tiphaine Guillemet from T Branding for her talent, patience and skills throughout this all process. It wouldn't have been possible without you! Je t'adore, chérie!

To Emily Lombardi, thank you for helping the jewels shine in their best light by letting me use you as my model. You helped the new brand vision come to life more than you can imagine, and I couldn't love the resulting look book more! Also, I am so grateful, and lucky, that we are besties!

To the jewelry industry, particularly my NYC crew, thank you for welcoming me and giving me the opportunity to meet so many talented, like-minded souls. #gembesties, you know who are!

May you all have a charmed rest of the year and a sparkly, healthy, abundant 2018!




PS: We are closed next week, and I will be busy plotting my next beach getaway. If you have urgent jewelry needs, the best way to reach me will be via instagram!

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The Grateful Sale

The Grateful Sale
As a small business owner, I am immensely grateful for your support! I don't say it enough. I know there are a lot of beautiful jewelry options on the market, and I am beyond appreciative that you would pick, and wear, my jewels to build your own sparkly story.

I could never have done this without you, pursuing this crazy dream of leaving the world of corporate finance to let my creativity shine thru in the form of jewelry. Hand carving those beauties for you brings me more joy than words can express, and for that too, I am grateful. 

With thanksgiving just past the corner (yesterday!), I wanted to express my thanks in a tangible way with our last sale of the year, offering two discount options:



Use GRATEFUL10 at checkout on for 10% off all orders thru Tuesday 11/28

Click  HERE to add the 10% discount to your cart




 Click HERE to add the 20% discount to your cart

And feel free to share these codes with your besties and fellow sparkle lovers. Happy shopping and gifting!


Also, our beautiful HOLIDAY LOOKBOOK, created by Tiphaine Guillemet of  T Branding, is now live on the site. Each page links to the relevant collections or piece to make your gifting and hint giving easier!

Click on the picture below to access it, or find LOOKBOOK on our main menu.

 Delphine Leymarie Holiday LookBook

Don't forget to start dropping those holiday hint-lists with whomever needs to be pointed in the direction of your dream gift! We will have most jewels on hand but it's best to give us a few weeks lead-time in case they sold out. 

I carefully craft the jewels in NYC, using recycled fine metals as much as possible, and want to make sure you can get them in time for your favorite gift-giving (and receiving) holiday!

Our deadline for guaranteed delivery for xmas day is 12/13!

Email, call or DM with any questions, we love to hear from you!

May you love and feel loved, today and everyday! 

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Jewelry How-to: Our Boheme Clicker Charm Rings & their Great Many Uses

Jewelry How-to: Our Boheme Clicker Charm Rings & their Great Many Uses
Here are video tutorials on how to use our Boheme Clicker Charm rings to assemble necklaces and two kinds of earrings. Since they are basically clasps, they can be used to close anything you can loop them thru AND hold your charms. You can use them as necklaces, holding charms for you in the front, hook them to each other to create chain or bracelet links, and/or use them as components to create earrings. I actually made a special EarWire and a front facing Clicker Hoop so you can build earrings easily, and assemble jewelry in combinations as unique as you are! Continue reading

La muse inspiratrice - Le new branding and website relaunch

La muse inspiratrice - Le new branding and website relaunch

Inspiration. It comes in many shapes and forms.

But in my case, there is always a dichotomy that is the catalyst, informed by the fact that I have now spent about half of my life in my native France, and the other half in New York. At my core, I am this hybrid, a very-urban-New-Yorker beach-girl-from-the-South-of-France. I find those two seemingly opposites perfectly complementary, and somehow those 2 poles always infuse & inspire the architectural yet organic dimension of the jewelry I so love to hand carve.

This year, it was time to finally translate this Edgy-City-girl-meets bohemian-free-spirit vibe to my branding. A mouthful, I know, as far as vibes go.  But after more than 5 years creating and developing my own line, both the jewels and I had outgrown the first version of the brand identity. Not to fault the old brand, it has served me well, and it was as a good introduction to the world of my finance-person-turned-designer self. The brand wasn't fully me, however, but rather the idea the branding expert had of what a jewelry designer should be. And I didn't push back hard enough at the time (and that's a story for another post).

So the way the brand was presented needed to evolve too. Having just started working with the amazing Beth Anne Bonanno from the EAB Project earlier this year, the timing was right. She pointed out immediately the need for the revamp, all part of her kickass vision for my line.  She has this amazing skill set that enabled her to truly listen, take stock of what was there, intuitively see what was missing, and better yet, see who I wanted to as an artist, yet hadn't fully dared to be. But her genius requires a full post of its own, so watch this space for more of the amazingness that Beth Anne truly is!

Under her expert guidance, we embarked on polishing the brand to better align with our creative vision, and redesign the website accordingly.

Lucky for me, I happen to know one of the most talented branding expert, a fellow New York Frenchie by the name of Tiphaine Guillemet, from T Branding. In the spirit of full disclosure, I must mention that Tiph is also one on my favorite humans on earth, but that doesn't make her any less talented. Because she asked a lot of questions, listened attentively, suggested a lot, made me think a lot, collaborated and brainstormed intensely, said no to me just enough (ha!), and always, always involved me so that we could, together, create mood boards of textures, colors and themes that spoke to the visual person that I am (also, hello, and thank you, Pinterest!).

Once we all agreed on the design & art direction for the brand, all that was left was for us was to let her run with it and work her magic. And she came back with such a beautiful design that I, truly, felt understood as a designer.

I mean, she added elegant gold accents in swooshes as if brushed on, now to be found throughout the website, lookbook, and even on my business card. It's the most wonderfully subtle hint of my daily handling of that very precious metal, and it communicates intuitively that the jewelry is hand carved, as if showing the maker's touch.

The brand colors have transitioned from a regal but cold deep purple and orange combination to this wonderful teal/peacock blue and warm sand pairing, reminiscent of many a shimmering seas and the beach, while also hinting at the fact that I strive to be "green" in my jewelry making practices, using recycled gold and ethically sourced gems as often as possible. And getting all that organic-ness counterbalanced by her clever use of black and white lifestyle pictures, bringing in this edgy city grit vibe that I love.

Tiphaine also decided we should keep my signature as it was part of the brand legacy, since it is how I have always stamped & signed my pieces, but make it a more prominent part of the branding by including it in the logo (love that!).

The result? Fresh, modern, accessible, mindful luxury in visual form.

But you don't have to take my word for it. Just scroll down for pictures of the new branded collateral materials or click HERE to check out the new web design. It makes me so happy when I open the new site now, and given your reactions so far, I think we can all agree that she did an amazing job.

So many "thank you" and "merci beaucoup", Tiphaine, for your always on-point expertise, wicked sense humor, superb style and kickass talent, and most of all, your priceless friendship! 

Oh, and if you're ever in need for a branding expect too, you can find her here:

Bisous, lovers!



Delphine Leymarie Branding 2.0

Delphine Leymarie Branding 2.0

Delphine Leymarie Branding 2.0

Delphine Leymarie Branding 2.0

Delphine Leymarie Branding 2.0

Delphine Leymarie Branding 2.0

Delphine Leymarie Branding 2.0

Delphine Leymarie Branding 2.0

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